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Leadership, Management, and IT Consultants

Professional Options is a strategic leadership, management, and IT consulting firm serving clients with a wide array of needs. It combines global perspective with local knowledge, achieving positive results that impact your bottom line. We provide expertise in a range of industry sectors, delivering strategic understanding and consistent success.

Our Services

Leadership & Management Consulting

​​We provide advice and practical guidance on the questions public and private sector leaders need to chart a course for their organisations. Our change management services support organisational improvement and reinvention with a range of consulting skills. Our approach recognises that a client's culture, business processes, and organisational/technical infrastructure must all work together to support core purpose or mission.

Public Policy & Advocacy

​​We comprehend the impact government action, or inaction, can have on business plans and the tangible effect on the return on investment that drives those plans. We commit substantial effort to convey the impact proposed government actions have on investment, technology, and economic expansion. We can also provide analysis of a company’s plan or public policy position, which can support your advocacy. We assist you in your advocacy, oral and written, before the FCC, the agencies of the Executive Branch, Congress and the state commissions.

Strategic & Executive Facilitation

​​Strategic advice and support for development and leadership. We excel in helping communities understand how to design and manage cost-effective programmes. We advise business, government, and civic leaders about strategies to accelerate entrepreneurship, catalyse economic diversification, attract investment, and spur competitiveness.

Leaders want those who understand business and the forces shaping their industry. They need subject matter experts and facilitators who can translate understanding into results, and help them ask the right questions.
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