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About Us

Effective advocacy depends on reliable information, insightful strategic advice and timely, decisive intervention. It also means never losing sight of your client's business imperatives. Professional Options applies a proactive approach, allowing clients to stay close and impact developments and issues that advance their success.

​​​​​​​​​We understand your business, and know how policymakers approach the issues. With over 30 years experience, we provide services and products to help optimise resources, meet challenges, foster development, and enhance projects and policies. Clients span the globe from government, to private, to corporate - and include utilities, governments, corporations, and national and multilateral organisations throughout the world. Our objective is to ensure the client's business strategy delivers real bottom line benefits and uses the full range of technologies.

Our services are organised around the industries of environment; communities, education, economic development; law; and information technology. We offer advisory and e-business services in strategy and policy analysis, program management, and project evaluation. Through our one-day and three-day Strategic Consultancy missions, we offer public policy consulting and realise how decisions are made which impact your business and strategic plan.

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