Sometimes, the hardest decision made is the right thing to do. Define your goals clearly so that others can see them as you do.

Partial Advisory List

    Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce
   Bainbridge Island Community Network
   Bill Chronister, Photographer
   Catering Creations
   Citizens to Re-elect Commissioner Patty Lent
   City of Poulsbo
   Chapman University
   Climate Solutions
   Council on Foreign Relations
   Digibode, Inc.
   Elka Child Educational Center, Inc.
   Floral Heights
   Grameen Foundation | Bankers Without Borders

    (The) Guardian Newsletter
   Hand Maid Massage
   Heads Up Brewing Company
   Heller Wiegenstein PLLC

    Hawaiian Noni/To Be of Service
   (The) Higher Source
    I Heart Kitsap Television Networks

​    Immunobiology Research Institute

    In The Works

    Kid's Day America/Dr. Michael Wagner
   Kitsap Citizens Action Network

    Kitsap Economic Development Alliance

    Kitsap Film Festival

    Kitsap Public Utility District #1


    National Academy of Sciences
   National Republican Senatorial Committee
   National Research Council
   National Science Foundation
   Network Consulting & Associates
   Olympic College
   Omega Pest Management
   Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
   Port of Allyn

   Ratings Booster Firm
   RAND Corporation
   Republican Presidential Roundtable
   Sedona Ecofest 2000
   Silverdale Chamber of Commerce
   The World Bank

    United Airlines
   United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
   U.S. Congress
   Vontastic Designs
   Wagner Family Chiropractic
   West Sound Technology Association
   World Affairs Council